Winning your case in the court of public opinion

Video Gallery

  1. The Harbor for the Main and Plain
    Promotion for a Brooklyn, NY. non-profit
  2. Frasch Office Systems
    Promotion for Chicago's Neo-Con Show.
  3. Storage Swiss in Paris
    Client promo for upcoming videos
  4. Charlie on Crisis Communications
    My post talk video for the FW Chamber.
  5. Municipal Education
    Prepping citizens for new trash collection.
  6. Main and Plain Fundraiser
    A Main and Plain fundraising video.
  7. Las Colinas Spa
    Fat loss lazer treatments
  8. Pipe Prop
    Promoting a commercial AC conduit system.
  9. The Norwegian County Christmas
    Tourism video for Clifton, Tx.
  10. Ask the Mayor
    Ask the Mayor takes questions.
  11. The Bosque County Museum
    Tourism video for Clifton, Tx.